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[Islamic State] is why he swept the Middle East & quot; not reported ... Any country What Middle East country Jordan? National character, such except that do not know Japanese Everyone, whether Masu Kawakari's what country I Jordan? I Have you ever heard, can not image, than many people that do not know in detail? In this study, [world strange discovery! ] Is the Middle East of the country visited the shooting, we introduce the Jordan. Jordan is an honor student of the Middle East? When asked Middle East, I think many people are a little security will worry. In fact, in the Jordan of neighboring countries it will have occurred many wars. Meanwhile, Jordan is a very benevolent country to accept the neighboring countries of refugees, for further unlike the neighboring countries of the country in which there are [King], we security is very stable. Therefore It is said that is said to be the [Middle East of honor student]. Metropolis of the capital, Amman Jordan's capital, Amman. Here in the Arab region, center of commerce and finance. This town is the starting point of Jordan.

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