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[Islamic State] is why he swept the Middle East & quot; not reported ... Support of the status quo and the international community of local conflicts (in the Middle East Africa) Syria situation (FY) Syria of violent conflict that continues from year and month, the Syrian government forces, dissidents, and has a collision of Tomoe One by Islamic extremists forces and Kurdish forces. However, government forces to receive Russian assistance (fiscal) year and month to like to recapture the largest base in was the Aleppo of dissidents, overall government forces has become an advantage situation. Against this backdrop, (FY) in the United Nations Security Council Resolution No. adopted in years, is set to the framework for peace, (fiscal) years later, under the mediation of the United Nations, between the government and the dissidents peace talks have been carried out in. However, the battle by both sides does not converge, progress in efforts to peace was not observed. In response to this situation, (fiscal) years, in Astana of Kazakhstan, Russia, the peace talks that Turkey and Iran led was started.

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