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[Islamic State] is why he swept the Middle East & quot; not reported ... Security operations and family killing Researchers in Israel Haifa University recently, has announced the results of an interesting survey. It is a survey of the relationship between gun ownership and crime increase. The survey also is characterized by being limited to women who were killed in companion or family during the past year and a half. It was identified as the past year and a half because it is the period in which the Intifada, which is represented by [suicide attacks] (ethnic uprising against the military occupation of Israel) has been carried out of everyone you know. From 000 years October 00 date women who were killed in the family, including her husband in person before, was a significant increase from people of the previous year. Among them, the characteristic of is the corresponding people had been killed in those who hit the security business, such as the army and police to. This, researchers soldiers who hit the Israeli security hits the investigation that it is a number that how indicate whether the cornered mentally in contradiction and anxiety-filled environment are analyzed.

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